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The antibacterial pen for the healthcare sector
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iProtect antibacterial pen, the ONLY one with ZINC IONS

Until some years ago, health care facilities and companies did not have to worry about their markets: waiting for patients and taking care of them was a profitable business. So far, they did not need to develop an advertising strategy to retain customers or to catch new ones. 

Today, instead, a health care operator, in order to ensure its growth and future development, must attract patients by improving information on its performance.

Therefore, it is important to face the marketing and communication issue.

Stilolinea designed the antibacterial promotional pen iProtect to be an easy and cheap advertising tool for the companies of the medical and paramedical sector and for hospitals. iProtect prevents bacteria’s spreading from hand to hand, thanks to the special ZINC IONS antibacterial additive used inside the pen. It is really effective, as well as the treatments of companies that choose it!

The antibacterial pen iProtect, the only one with ZINC IONS:

• is made of high quality ABS plus ANTIBACTERIAL ADDITIVE which guarantees a 99% protection against bacteria;

• has achieved the very demanding Standards required by the ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801);

• has been certified by the Advanced Laboratory for Analysis Research and Nanotechnology Chemical Center Srl in Bologna (require here the certification).

• has a permanent efficacy (24h/7d) against bacteria because the additive is molded in the plastic itself.


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